Build a profile & promote yourself

Building up your online reputation as someone working towards social progress. It is quick, easy and free. Think of it as your linkedin for the sector. Here you can join our database of eksperts.

Get advice & information

Ekspi allows you to ask questions of our community allow working towards social progress, post your query and wait for the community to help. Over the coming months we are also building a knowledge library which will allow you to find useful tools and resources.

Share your knowledge

We want you to get recognised as an ekspert in your field. The easiest way is to share your knowledge, whether that is answering questions for others, uploading materials or completing assignments. Ekspi is the knowledge marketplace for everything to do with social progress.

Get recognised for doing great work

Invite past employers and colleagues to review you and recognise your strengths. The better your reputation the more likely you’ll be to be hired for future assignments, a great reputation is one of the most valuable things you’ll ever own.

Get found by recruiters fast

Get matched to the perfect assignments that meet your skills and experiences. Our search function and detailed filtering system makes it easy to be found against a range of detailed criteria including, sector expertise, skills, countries and languages. Our system allows you to show an interest in assignments with one click, quickly letting recruiters know you would like to be considered.

How does it work?

1. Build up your profile

Ekspi provides you with a free space to showcase your skills and experiences as a social sector expert. You can seek out reviews from past employers and colleagues and stand out from the crowd.

2. Find answers

If you are looking for information or have a specific question you need an answer to, why not appeal to our Ekspi community. They are here to help you get the advice and information you need. Our Q&A allows you to ask any question you need and we will soon create introduce a directory of useful tools and resources.

3. Search for assignments

It is easy to search through assignments on Ekspi. You can filter by sector, skills, country and languages to help you find your perfect fit. The more criteria you meet, the more likely you are to be awarded the assignment!

4. Connect with other experts

You can save other experts to your favourites so you can connect and network through our in-built chat. You can also view other experts’ profiles and compare them to your own and see where you could improve your skills and experiences to keep you ahead.

What does it mean to be in beta?

Ekspi is a very new social enterprise. We launched in March and have been working hard to bring in new features to make your lives as practitioners easier. Being in Beta means we are constantly adding new features & trying to improve the site to better serve your needs.

We want Ekspi to be the place you go to build up your profile as someone working in the sector, to use it as a place for sharing your knowledge and seeking out that next assignment. We will be asking for feedback from all of our users over the coming months to find out how we can better help you to do your jobs better and share you knowledge & expertise more easily.

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