Get advice & information

Ekspi allows you to ask questions of our community allow working towards social progress, post your query and wait for the community to help. Over the coming months we are also building a knowledge library which will allow you to find useful tools and resources.

Share your knowledge

Sharing organisational knowledge increases your reputation, gains you recognition & increases your chances of getting funding. Ekspi allows you to answer questions for others, upload materials or completing assignments. Ekspi is the knowledge marketplace for everything to do with social progress.

Browse registered eksperts

Our online directory of experts makes it easy to look through and connect with individuals & other organisations who can provide you with advice & support or complete assignments. See how your peers have reviewed their quality, value for money, communication and timeliness.

Work with someone awesome

Looking to hire for short term contract work? Get the perfect match for your assignment quickly and easily. Our search function and detailed filtering system makes it easy to see the highest rated experts against a range of detailed criteria including, sector expertise, skills, countries and languages.

Reduce your workload

Our one click application process and ability to search through experts means you
can invite the people you want to hear from to apply. Say goodbye to reading
through huge piles of applications from experts who don’t meet your criteria.

How does it work?

1. Post your assignment

It’s always free to post an assignment. We focus on short to medium term contracts, anything from a day to a year or more. If you are focusing on work to bring about social change, whether that’s project oversight, monitoring and evaluation to accounting and fundraising, Ekspi is the right place to post it.

2. Experts show an interest

Take advantage of our one click application system. Rather than a completely open recruitment, you can now post your assignment and allow experts to show an interest in applying. You can then choose from these candidates, and others on the system, who you want to submit a full proposal. Saving you the time of sifting through applications that have no hope of success.

3. Choose the perfect expert

Search through our directory of experts, through our recommendations or the ones who have shown an interest in your assignment. Look at their profiles and reviews to find the right fit for you. Chat to them through our messaging system.

What does it mean to be in beta?

Ekspi is a very new social enterprise. We launched in March and have been working hard to bring in new features to make your lives as practitioners easier. Being in Beta means we are constantly adding new features & trying to improve the site to better serve your needs.

We want Ekspi to be the place you go to build up your profile as someone working in the sector, to use it as a place for sharing your knowledge and seeking out that next assignment. We will be asking for feedback from all of our users over the coming months to find out how we can better help you to do your jobs better and share you knowledge & expertise more easily.

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