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Nelson Ojanji

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International development finance expert

Nelson Barasa Ojanji, CPA, MCIPS, SPHRi, MBA, PhD® has over 20 years of experience in budgeting, forecasting, cost controls, risk management, compliance, and reporting processes, with 15 years expertise in the financial management of U.S. Government awards. He has worked with donors including U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Bank, and UN agencies, with proven expertise in managing complex grants with up to $30 million annual budgets. As Director of Operations for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) in Tanzania, Mr. Ojanji oversees all financial management, grants and compliance including sub-grants and operations for the country program. Mr. Ojanji is a PhD researcher in Leadership and Governance from Jomo Kenyatta University, a Master of Business Administration from University of Nairobi, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kenya Methodist University.

I consider my strengths to be:

• Operational policy engagement, strategic planning and consulting
• Procurement ,logistics and supply chain tactical and strategic driver
• Grants and strategic financial management , leadership and consulting
• Project management skills throughout project management cycle
• Audit , risk and compliance management tactical and strategic skills
• Customer engagement and relationship management
• Staff management, development and capacity building
• Lean and KAIZEN( performance improvement) trainer and consultant
• Fund management consultant
• Change management consultant
• Audit and risk management
• Complex business and tax issues management
• New business development/Fundraising

I enjoy working on:

Health Sector Programming

15 years USG (USAID& CDC) health sectors projects in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ghana, Uganda and Ivory Coast
6 Years DFID health sector programming projects in Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania
2 years Bill Gates Foundation health sector programming projects in South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and Ethiopia
2 Years CIFF Foundation health sector programming projects in Tanzania and Kenya.
Expert in district approach programing:- Designing and implementing systems that work through the government health programming and administrative sectors
Governance and Social Development Programming
2 years governance and institutional strengthening through USAID Funding to the civil society institutions in Kenya. (FANIKISHA Project)
Relief and Transition Programming
2 years’ experience in relief and conflict transition programming through USAID OTI in Sudan
3 years Refugee support programming in Tanzania through American Redcross- International services.
Public Sector support programming
2 years’ experience in multilateral government to government funding support programming through millennium challenge corporation (MCC-USA) to government of Namibia.

Projects /Program Management and Leadership (8 years PMP-PMI USA)
8 years proven cross-functional team leadership talent to build consensus amongst all stakeholders and keep projects on track even under difficult circumstances to deliver exceptional results
Exceptionally diverse combination of hard and soft skills from operations structures and systems savvy and process methodology to risk management, learning agility, and interpersonal effectiveness
Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Member of chartered institute of procurement & supply -MCIPS)

10 years’ experience in direct managing of procurement work processes across all the procurement and logistics process cycle ( Planning, execution, managing, storage , distribution, reporting, compliance and risk management)
8 years’ experience in supervision and performance leadership of key procurement and logistic departments and full accountable for the results.
Hands on experience implementing high level procurement and logistics systems/ projects including the Verian system that manages procurement and commodity distribution system.
High level tactical and strategic hands on experience in effective and efficient management of procurement and supply chain with high level analytics for leadership consumption and decision making
8 years champion of strategic sourcing and contracting in the international development sector i.e. MCC procurement agency in Namibia.
Provided performance leadership facilitation to at least 4 key procurement and logistic manager in my last 4 employers.
Fiscal & Public Financial Management (16 years practicing CPA)

15 years hands on experience in driving various financial change initiatives that included transformational financial management, commitment accounting, strategic analytics etc.
6 years enthusiastic hands on experience in approaching organization-wide challenges from many angles and utilizing financial expertise to deliver effective solutions. Collaborative management style with strong leadership instincts and ability to excel independently. Specialized ability to design tools for greater efficiency and profitability. Earned reputation as a perceptive and practical trouble-shooter with unique ability to solve large-scale problems often deemed too challenging for others.

5 years leadership experience in driving various financial change initiatives that included transformational financial management, commitment accounting etc.

Grants, Contracts and Funds Management (InsideNGO trained)

2015: Managed USAID & CDC EGPAF Bi-lateral award of $27m annual dollar budget working through 95 district council and faith based sub-grants. Have supervised 13 grants

2014: Managed USAID AND Gates foundations PATH grants in the Africa region total to $135m annual dollars across 6 countries. Supervised 6 grants managers.

2012-2014: Managed CDC AND USAID bilateral award of $35m two years working through 49 sub-grants and strategic partners. Supervised 8 grants staff.

2010-2011: Managed $25 m dollar USAID health award through FHI and worked various sub-grants across South Sudan.

2009-2010: Managed MCC multi-lateral funding to the government of Namibia working with various government departments to total of $ 304m fives years grants

2008-2010: Managed USAID OTI bilateral award of $50m three years working through 61 civil society sub-grants and strategic partners. Supervised 8 grants staff.

Risk and Compliance Management

8 Years tactical and strategic experience in proactive risk management across the entire risk management cycle

Developed and implemented easier to use issue management tracking system also know us the nuts and bolts of issue management.

Human Capital Management (Certified human resources management partner –HRMP)

13 Years tactical and strategic experience supervising HR departments and providing technical facilitation across the entire human capital management cycle (Plan, sourcing, development and separation in addition to policy formulation and implementation)

2015 to date: Supervises 8 operations managers with total of 71 staff in the operations division.

HR trainer on labor accounting, KAIZEN in HR and seven (7) habits

Audit Management

1997-2001: 4.5 years commencing career in the audit field with cross cutting audit assignment across public development sector and private sector.

8 Years’ experience leading and coordinate organization wide audit planning and collaboration with various big 4 global audit firms.

Have had successful audit outcomes in my past 10 years in the operations leadership positions within various international agencies.

6 years tactical and strategic hands on experience in USG, DFID, MCC and World Bank project audits.

Training and Capacity Building

8 years tactical and strategic hands on experience in KAIZEN training

USG funding rules and regulation trainer. Won an award from INSIDENGO for my exceptional contribution and impact across the operations leadership in the international development sector.

Nelson's skills

  • Developing Training Curriculum & Resources
  • Institutional Capacity Building
  • Mentorship & Coaching
  • Organisational Capacity Building
  • Compensation
  • Learning & Development
  • Change Management
  • Governance & Board
  • Strategic Planning
  • Procurement
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Project Closure
  • Project Design & Development
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Oversight
  • Project Reporting
  • Project Start-up


  • Health Sector Reform
  • HIV & AIDS
  • Primary Health
  • Disaster Relief
  • Anti-corruption & Governance
  • Civil Society Engagement
  • Public Financial Management
  • Public Sector Capacity Building
  • Savings & Remittances

Cross cutting expertise

  • Orphans & Vulnerable Children
  • Refugees & Internally Displaced Persons
  • Social Innovation
  • Technology

Geographical Expertise

  • Burundi
  • Djibouti
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Egypt
  • Sudan
  • Lesotho
  • Namibia
  • South Africa
  • Cote d'Ivoire
  • Ghana
  • Liberia
  • Nigeria
  • Sierra Leone

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