I have been collecting stories about discriminatory practices in place in the recruitment/hiring/employment processes in International Organizations against professionals from developing countries.

The overall perception, that I’d say I share almost 100%, is that recruiters tend to short-list mostly European, developed countries professionals only. Or worse yet, even when years of experience are supposed to be considered in lieu of higher University degree, it seems that the preference is to short-list degrees from elite universities than years of experience in the field.

My comment, a rather candid one, was that even when:

  • I grew up in a country during civil war years (in 1980 I was 7 and in 1991 I was 18);
  • I went to school fearing forced recruitment, sometimes under gun-fire hostilities;
  • Witnessed repression and human rights violations in the streets;
  • Back at home, electricity and water were rationed, among other calamities;
  • Parents and adult relatives lived in fear of reprisals if they would organize, or assembly or participate in unions or other civil spaces;
  • a big etc.

Then, started attending University in almost destroyed facilities, limited resources and no access to internet, during the immediate post-conflict peace agreement implementation, that demanded the population to start transiting from fear, grievance and pain, to reparation and to live in “democracy”, among many other difficult processes that the end of conflict brought to our country.

All of that life-experience, that I would add as a plus in my applications to jobs in the field, have of course no value for recruiters/employers, because they will definitely prefer elite persons that learned about all those events in well-suited lecture halls and classrooms at fine top universities in the US, Europe or Canada.

I have thought on initiating a worldwide debate regarding these issues, even when I could foresee a radical response from the high academia and those bureaucrats in the international organizations.

I would not be surprised that I get blocked in this site, too.

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