• Libby James
    It would be good to know whether you are interested in small scale or large scale enterprises as there are some different innovations in both.
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Try these for a start:

1. Traits — current traits allow some crops to carry resistance to herbicides or toxins that kill very specific types of worm pests. In development are traits that will allow crops to use nitrogen and other nutrients more efficiently, be more tolerant to environmental stresses and so on.

2. Biopesticides — researchers are tapping into natural pesticides such as plant extracts or certain strains of bacteria to help protect crops against disease and insect/nematode predators.

3. General hybrid improvements — over time, crops have been advanced to produce higher yields and better quality.

4. Equipment — advancements in planting and harvesting equipment allows farmers to go across more acres with less labor required.

5. Telemetics and cloud-based computing — tractors in a single fleet can now communicate with one another. Newer cloud-based computing functions allow for more remote management of irrigation units, tractors and other farm equipment. Just as you can store personal music on “the cloud” and access it from any computer, so can you do the same with various farm data using the same principles.

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